What kind of information I can get in this Site?
  • minaprem.com: This Site is designed with the primary purpose to provide valuable information regarding various micro, nano, and precision manufacturing processes. So you can expect various technical know-how, such as how a process is executed, the factors on which the process depends, various analysis relevant to that process, applications and pros & cons of the process, etc. It also provides some basic things related to manufacturing, such as various manufacturing processes, affecting parameters, analysis, pros and cons, etc. These contents may be helpful for junior college level students as well as for others to quickly remind basic things.
  • difference.minaprem.com: As the name suggests, it provides comparisons between various manufacturing processes, techniques, conditions, and tools.
I am unable to find a particular topic here, is it available here?

The field is vast and some of them are still premature. I am trying hard to bring most of the relevant topics here. Till now, everything related to micro, nano, and precision manufacturing is not available here. To find any topic, please follow the step. First you search for the topic in the search bar available on the page using various keywords. It may so happen that the same topic that you are searching is available here in other name. If you still cannot get it, then may be that topic is not available here. Please inform me on the Official Facebook Page regarding the topic you need. I shall try to bring it as soon as possible.

Does this site contain any age restricted material?

No it is purely a technical blog. It does not contain video of any kind. No nude or mature type image is also provided here.

Can I create my account here?

No. This Site does not allow users to create an Account. All contents are open for everybody. No sealable material is available here. Comments are allowed only on Facebook Page. Basically there is no need to create an Account.

Is there any membership plan?

No. All of the information are available here at free of cost.

How can I post my comment for a particular topic?

Commenting system directly on this website is disabled on temporary basis.

Do you also provide services?

No. Currently I don’t provide any manufacturing or other kind of services. I just provide information that you may find helpful.

Do you publish and sell any book?

No. Currently I don’t publish or sell any book or note. All of the information are available here at free of cost. I have no relation with anybody fraudulently claiming that the book is published or written by me. Please don’t buy such things, because the field is improving day-by-day and I try to update these information regularly.

What are the references of the information available here?

You may find various references at the Reference Link on footer of the Site. References include books, journal and conference papers, seminars and lectures from experienced person, etc.

What are the sources of images available here?

Most of the images are drawn by me. Rest of the images is taken from www.pixabay.com via CC0 license. In rare case, if any image from other resource is presented here, then valid courtesy is provided in the description of the corresponding image.

Can I/we use any text/image for my/our project?

No. All the images drawn by me are copyrighted material and you are not allowed to use it for commercial or non-commercial applications with or without edit. However, images from Pixabay.com are subjected to their terms and conditions and you are requested to read all rules and regulations from their website and download the image directly from their website for using it.

Can I consider all information available here are correct?

No. Although I try to provide correct and genuine information, I cannot give you the guarantee of correctness. You are requested to learn from various sources before utilizing it. Please read our disclaimer in this matter.

Where can I get more information about a topic?

Just google it! You will find ample resources. Read as many as you can. You can follow various books, journal papers, etc. You can also consult with the experienced person.

I have an object regarding copyright issues, how can I contact you?

Although all of the information is genuine and written by me, if you have any complain then please drop a mail at admin@minaprem.com. Please provide details regarding your complain. I will definitely resolve issues in few days.

I have found various ad units here. What are these?

This site shows advertisements via Google AdSense. Sometime I need to buy various resource materials and visit various plants, workshops, etc. Advertisement is the only source of income from this Site for me, which allows me to meet those expenses and bring valuable content for you at free of cost.

Does this site use cookies?

Yes. Like many others, this site also uses cookies via Google Analytics and Google AdSense to track users and their behaviour when they are surfing this website. The tracking information allows me to better understand the kind of people who come to my site and what content they are reading more. This allows me to improve design and writing of various pages. Please read our full Privacy Policy regarding this matter.

Can you advertise/promote my website/art work/video here?

Yes, I would love to do that. Please contact me in this matter. Please provide as much detail as you can.